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Acemoglu and Robinson on Piketty

Kevin Bryan posted about a new paper by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson that is a response to Piketty’s much-ballyhooed book on Capitalism. The post is very well done and I have downloaded the paper from the link supplied there, … Continue reading

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The depressing assessment of experts on the latest “rescue package” for Greece

This depressed me yesterday. Read it and be depressed yourself today. From Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog on

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The US News College Rankings Scam

Henry on Crooked Timber (I just had to repost the whole thing): The US News College Rankings Scam:   Stephen Budiansky, via Cosma Shalizi’s Pinboard feed. Back in ancient times when I worked at esteemed weekly newsmagazine U.S. News & … Continue reading

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Fukuyama on Hayek

Francis Fukuyama has a review of Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty in the New York Times. He concludes with this insightful observation: In the end, there is a deep contradiction in Hayek’s thought. His great insight is that individual human … Continue reading

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How history created the perverse incentives that hold back the Greek economy

In a recent post in, Aristos Doxiadis presents a thoughtful and detailed look at the historical and structural features of the Greek economy that make Greek society so ineffective and, at least to people like me, one to be … Continue reading

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The degradation of US democracy

Read this post by Daniel Little and weep. If you care about democracy and the public good, that is. This kind of thing is a main reason that standard economics has done a serious disservice to humanity by emphasizing the … Continue reading

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