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Why I should post more regularly here

Sunday’s post on why we can’t all be like Scandinavians attracted much more attention than anything I have posted here and earned some kind words from Acemoglu and Robinson:  A fairly balanced and insightful summary of several of the comments … Continue reading

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The US News College Rankings Scam

Henry on Crooked Timber (I just had to repost the whole thing): The US News College Rankings Scam:   Stephen Budiansky, via Cosma Shalizi’s Pinboard feed. Back in ancient times when I worked at esteemed weekly newsmagazine U.S. News & … Continue reading

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A good example of the importance of incentives

Well, make this a bad example if you must. It is an example of bad incentives that produce bad outcomes. I am referring to the article by Bebchuk, Cohen, and Spamann in the Project Syndicate web site, in which the … Continue reading

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Dan Pink on Motivation

Here is a TED talk about the importance of intrinsic motivation for business. Thoroughly enjoyable, and it gives a good challenge to mechanism design theorists and economists in general. (Via

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