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My new site

I recently started a blog on software for teaching economics in a new “commons” project at Temple University. The latest post, from today, mentions Wolfram Alpha and

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The US News College Rankings Scam

Henry on Crooked Timber (I just had to repost the whole thing): The US News College Rankings Scam:   Stephen Budiansky, via Cosma Shalizi’s Pinboard feed. Back in ancient times when I worked at esteemed weekly newsmagazine U.S. News & … Continue reading

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Academic textbooks and healthcare incentives compared – Boing Boing

The always interesting Boing Boing blog has a long post on the market for academic textbooks and makes explicit comparisons of the incentives in this market and in the U.S. healthcare system. I won’t quote from the article, as it … Continue reading

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How do we reform university teaching?

The procrastination is over. This site is designed and almost all its pages are pathetically blank as of now, with only place-holding text to keep the blank page fear away. But it is time to start one the blog, and … Continue reading

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